Welcome to Land of Joshua Trees: A Palmdale Original

Land of Joshua Trees: A Palmdale Original is a desert brand focusing on the creative ways of bringing awareness to this majestic desert tree and the city of Palmdale, CA. Our main thought is you always got to go back to your roots.

The concept of Land of Joshua Trees came to me in the winter of 2017, as I felt I was walking in my own internal desert, lost and without direction. I came back to my roots (Palmdale) and had a feeling I was going to discover something coming back this time. Outside of my parent’s house lies a large, solitary Joshua Tree, and I knew this was going to be my inspiration. This tree has been a large part of my life, and it is such a potent symbol of the desert, and I want this brand to be just as significant.

The Joshua Tree is also a visual representation of my family, as we all stand tall above the heat of life. My parents have always been my Joshua Trees, beautiful and tough to mold me into one of them. My sister and her family are also transplants like me, but we still come back to the desert.

I wanted to create Land of Joshua Trees to bring awareness for the Joshua Tree, the city of Palmdale, CA, and never forgetting the place that made you who you are. I lived in Las Vegas for almost ten years, but I can never forget where I came from. All of the future items and apparel will have a focus of being visuals of the Joshua Tree and the beauty of Palmdale.